Custom Apparels sourcing policy

Servi Store sources custom apparels like t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, tote bags or any cotton products including your staff uniforms.


Terms of this policy:

  • Servi Store provides the client with the option of any colour of their fabric choice. The client needs to give the correct Pantone Fashion + Home [TCX] value. Servi Store is happy to assist clients in choosing the right colours. Servi Store will produce three variations of the fabric colour swatches in the same Pantone value that the client can select and confirm.
  • We source and manufacture products from our partnering entities maintaining our Fairtrade supply chain. Selection of these depends on the type and volume of the orders. Servi Store reserves the right to chose the appropriate entity.
  • Servi Store requires certain minimums for each project based on the MOQ requirements in place for the partnering manufacturers that we use. Servi Store will advise the client the minimum number requirements during the initial consultation.
  • Once Servi Store establishes the requirements of the client, a detailed quote will be provided with payment terms. The client must adhere to the payment terms.
  • Timeframes for each project will vary based on the type and volume of the project/client requirements. Servi Store will advise the timelines as part of the quoting process. Servi Store strives to make processes timely and efficient, working with our manufacturing partners. But, due to unforeseen circumstances, there may be delays in production. Servi Store will make every effort to communicate these with the client and complete the order. The timeframe can also be impacted by the requirement of other alterations as requested by the client.
  • The artworks or logos can be printed or embroidered as per the needs of the client. The client must provide correct format digital files for production. Servi Store can assist in the preparation of these files. There may be extra charges applied if Servi Store is required to develop these. The cost will be negotiated and confirmed with clients before proceeding.
  • Servi Store reserves the right to accept or reject artwork.
  • The items will have Servi Store branding. This is also in compliance with the Fairtrade branding policies. Clients can request to have items manufactured with their branding sourced by Servi Store. In this instance, Servi Store may not be able to install Fairtrade marks and loop labels in alignment with Fairtrade policies.
  • If requested by the client, Servi Store will produce a set of samples with a full set of artworks imprinted and established. The client has the opportunity to provide feedback and suggest alterations before approval for final production.
  • The client can request further samples to be provided with the proposed modifications.
  • Once the final approval is granted by the client further to reviewing the samples or altered samples Servi Store will start the full production of the items.
  • The client cannot request any alterations after the full production is commenced.
  • Once the manufacturing is complete, the items will be delivered to the client’s chosen destination. Servi Store will complete the import and customs requirements. The charges are normally included in the quote. Servi Store will advise the client unless otherwise during the quoting process.
  • Once the items are delivered, the client has 60 days to raise any concerns regarding the goods produced. This can only be a serious fault in the manufacturing of the product or the artwork contrary to the final approved samples by the client. Comments about normal wear and tear of items are not accepted as faults. Further to this period, Servi Store cannot provide any further assistance.