A fair choice that inspires and a vision for better purchases


A fair choice that inspires

It all started with a desire to create products that spread inspiration and hope while caring for people and the environment. Our tees are made with organic cotton. It is a better choice for your skin, farmers, their families, their land and soil and its sustainability. The artworks in our tees feature inspirational quotes from Catholic saints. We often receive feedback from people about how a quote on one of our tees has inspired them and others. They could be a good conversation starter too.  

Social responsibility in our purchases

The vision behind our products is to spread a message of social responsibility when it comes to our daily purchases.

It is good for people to realize that purchasing is always a moral–and not simply economic–act.” –Pope Benedict XVI

That is why we seek to partner with producers that support fair trade principles because it acknowledges the dignity of the work of artisans and farmers and safeguards fair wages.

There are a lot of awareness campaigns we hear these days about the true cost of fashion. This needs to expand to the production and manufacturing of every other good. So stand in solidarity with them in your next purchase decisions.


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